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We identify key business issues through our rigorous and tailored risk and business analysis process. Our team will then work with you to resolve these issues with a reporting method designed to suit your needs and your preferred medium.

Our services have been developed to meet the needs of both the mid-market sector and large enterprises. We endeavour to develop real understandings of our clients’ businesses.

Commercial due diligence

We evaluate the current performance and assess the future potential of the investment. As a part of the commercial due diligence process, we analyse the micro-dynamics of the businesses and their markets, providing an insight into consumer behaviour.

We recognise that due diligence is not a ‘one size fits all’ service, so we tailor the scope of our review to meet your specific requirements. This includes:

  • A business plan validation
  • A growth plan validation.
  • An extensive commercial and market review.
  • Complete customer behaviour and segmentation.
  • An organisational review.
  • Any recommendations for future growth.
Stakeholder analyses

In many situations, such as M&As, privatisation processes and MBOs, a stakeholder analysis is an essential tool to provide a clear understanding of stakeholders and to provide an insight into how to best engage with them.

We can help you to understand the values, expectations and experiences of diverse groups of stakeholders. Including employees, customers, supply chain partners and senior management.

Our stakeholder analysis service includes:

  • Complete stakeholder profiling.
  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking.
  • Detailed scenario planning.
Management buy-outs

MBOs are becoming an increasingly effective exit mechanism, with owners putting the business under the control of a trusted management team.

The role of a corporate finance adviser is critical, not only because of their experience in raising finance but also in structuring such transactions.

Our MBO service includes:

  • An evaluation of the financials to determine the possible available funding routes.
  • Preparation of a business plan and forecast projections.
  • Preparation of an Offer Letter and Heads of Agreement.
  • Initial and on-going discussion and negotiation with the vendor with regard to the price and the structure of the proposed transaction.
  • Attendance at meetings with the management team to give presentations to potential providers of finance.
  • Managing the process to successful receipt of funding.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to the legal contracts that will be required (e.g. Sale and Purchase Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement, advice on warranties).
  • Advice and assistance with the formation of a new company to act as the investment vehicle in order to effect the buy-out.
Business valuations

Whether you wish to sell or buy a business or operating division, we can provide a realistic, object assessment of its true market value. If selling, our advice will ensure that you reap the maximum reward for your effort. Or if you’re buying, we can ensure that you pay a fair value for the benefit you expect.

If you want expert business valuation advice supported by informed, expert judgment and analysis, talk to us. Whether you are considering a merger, acquisition, joint venture, disposal, floatation, reorganisation, turn-round or recapitalisation, we are ready to help.

With you every step of the way

We can be involved at any stage of the transaction cycle:


To help you develop the underlying rationale for the transaction by undertaking a market opportunity assessment and target identification and screening.

Transaction process

To form a fact-based view on the company’s competitive advantage, its sustainability and achievability of the business plan.


To work alongside you/management to achieve key strategic objectives such as revenue synergies, developing market segmentation, creating a pricing strategy or planning international market expansion.

The benefits

  • An efficient service.
  • A cost-effective solution with tried-and-tested procedures in place.
  • Access to our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Our competencies
at a glance

  • A tailor-made approach just for you.
  • Offering you the capability of taking your strategy forward.
  • A trusted service with the highest level of confidentiality.
  • We’ll share best practices.

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