Sales development

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Suffering from declining sales, issues with the sales network, ineffective marketing strategies, or unsuccessful advertising investments? We can help you re-energise your sales strategy.

To help your sales develop, we plan your new approach and ensure you have the right people in place to implement it successfully. This can give you a competitive edge and help you achieve sustainable business growth.

We focus on

Sales function
& process
New business
And more...

The benefits

  • An increased market share.
  • The tools to meet and exceed revenue targets.
  • Shortened sales cycles with an improved Salesforce productivity.
  • Create a proactive sales culture and capability.

Our competencies
at a glance

  • The ability to operate in many different sectors.
  • We have strong professional backgrounds and a passion for business.
  • We’re aware of the day-to-day challenges in sales, so we can give you a service that offers realistic goals.

Did you know?

We offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from the Sales Performance Indicator (SPI), a normative self-report questionnaire. This extensive report assesses an existing or potential employee’s likelihood of engaging in a range of sales related behaviours.

The SPI is designed to be part of an assessment battery in selection, development or guidance. It assists in directing individuals into sales-related roles to which they are most suited and provides insights on potential training needs.

It only takes around 15 minutes to complete (68 items) and results are usually available within 7 days. The unit price for this extra service ranges from £80 to £210 (based on quantity).

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