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Our high touch Investor Relations support delivers turn-key IR programs including IR plan development and implementation, quarterly earnings support, visibility and marketing campaigns, transaction communications and capital markets insights and analysis.

We will craft your story through transparent and strategic communications.

Which your benefits are?


As the function of investor relations has become more sophisticated, the cost of hiring a senior investor relations officer has increased to levels that might make it a prohibitive option for some companies.

Furthermore, the investor relations role can be subject to a degree of seasonality that makes it hard to justify employing a highly-paid executive over the full 12-month cycle.

This is where the scalability that comes with engaging an external service provider can provide substantial cost benefits. Having the additional bench strength to draw on, when needed, has obvious advantages, especially when additional ‘arms and legs’ are required.


An outsourced individual or team of investor relations specialists typically bring with them a useful level of objectivity to the challenges facing a business, as well as a suite of associated skills and services such as strategic counsel, messaging, investor outreach, roadshow support and more. This objectivity can provide a much-needed reality check, particularly in situations where a complex issue needs to be communicated or explained.


Engaging with a team of investor relations professionals that have worked across a number of sectors and, ideally, in different markets, provides a breadth of experience, perspectives and insights; not to mention a cool head, when a company hits an unexpected ‘bump in the road.’ The ability to tap into senior consultants with decades of experience can make a real difference.


An outsourced investor relations function should give you a degree of flexibility, especially in the formative stages of a new business, to ensure you are consistently striking the right balance between capacity and internal capability, and what you need from your external provider.

Our capabilities

  • Investment Narrative Development
  • Shareholder Analysis & Research
  • Investor Planning & Outreach
  • Investor Days
  • Ongoing Investor Relations Programs
  • Innovative IR Approaches

Our competencies
at a glance

  • IR programs aligned with the strategic ambitions of your company and those of the Board
  • Perfect understanding of what your needs and expectations are
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Effective communication

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