Export market research

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Our export market research service can provide your business with the information to gain the advantage over your competition.

A market analysis is an essential tool that is needed by anyone considering entering or remaining in a foreign business marketplace. Its results are useful for using as part of your strategic marketing and operational decisions and practices.

Types of industries we help

Apparel & accessories
Consumer products
Food & beverage
And more...

The benefits

  • Identify new opportunities in foreign marketplaces.
  • Minimise risks to your business.
  • Uncover and identify potential problems.
  • Establish your market positioning.

Our competencies
at a glance

  • Ability to operate in many different sectors.
  • Seasoned professionals with extensive experience.
  • Efficient tools at your disposal.
  • Innovative and a flexible approach.
Market analysis

We deliver market analysis using a simple three-step process:

1. Identifying your needs

Firstly, we’ll send you a questionnaire so you can tell us exactly what your needs are.

2. A full analysis

We perform the analysis process to find and evaluate the information used to reply to your questions. We can resort both to free and chargeable sources. We’ll then develop a written report to formalise our analysis’ output.

3. Delivering your results

Finally, we’ll present you with the results of our analysis over a one-to-one meeting.

  • The final report is usually delivered within 8 weeks
  • We cover 50+ countries and 65+ product categories
  • Unit price starts from £1,430
Simulated test of market

To get evidence of the market analysis results, we submit them to a simulated test of market. This consists of:

  • Collating and identifying a statistically representative sample of the reference market.
  • Conducting a survey by phone.
  • Integrating the market analysis report with the results of the simulated test of market.

Please note that two more weeks are usually needed to perform the test and it costs an additional £620.

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