E-residency in Estonia

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Thanks to the Estonian e-Residency, non-Estonian citizens can obtain a digital identity.

e-Residency is an innovative tool to foster entrepreneurship in the Baltic republic, making life easier for foreigners. Estonia is now a country without borders.

How Estonian e-residency works

Those who are accepted for e-Residency will be sent a smart card, a USB reader and software to their residential address.

The smart card contains all the information about the owner, stored in the integrated microprocessor. The smart card holders can access many online services and manage their business activities for themselves.

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A case study

Marc is a British professional translator. Although he’s satisfied with his business he was worried about the consequences of Brexit. In light of this, he decided to incorporate a new company in Europe but didn’t want to waste time and money.

Marc applied for the e-Residency and after taking the right steps, he received his smart card from the Estonian embassy in London.

He can now easily incorporate a new company limited by shares in Estonia, with low startup and maintenance costs, minimal bureaucracy, a clear tax system, and a full inclusion in EU’s legal and economic framework.

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