Confidential information on foreign companies

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Get fast, easy access to the critical information you need to effectively analyse the risk of your customers, vendors and partners. We are able to provide accurate business information to evaluate the actual degree of risk of over 230 million companies worldwide.

We are also able to carry out a verification of unofficial data using different sources, to provide a particularly reliable final evaluation confirmed by objective evidence.

We can help you learn:

  • If a company truly exists.
  • What its trade practices have been in recent years.
  • What its payment records are.
  • If they infringed on another company’s Intellectual Property.

The correct information can mitigate your risk in doing business in today’s vibrant global economy by revealing your potential partner’s business history.

This will help save you from defaulted payments, illegally copied products, and from making the wrong partner choice.

Let us help you succeed in doing business internationally.

Confidential information is an effective risk management tool

Our information can differ depending on where the business is located, but our reports usually consist of:

  • Full company incorporation details.
  • Details of individual directors and shareholders including other directorships in other companies.
  • Details of each company’s mortgages and charges.
  • Five years of financial information (where available), including profit and loss (where available) and balance sheet.
  • Legal notices and any court judgments.

Our competencies at a glance

  • Credit information on over 230 million companies worldwide.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • Preciseness and accuracy to help your business benefit.
  • The report is usually delivered within 7 days.
  • Our fees start from £260 per company.

The benefits

  • Guaranteed accuracy & integrity.
  • A cost-effectiveness service.
  • Risk mitigation to help form your strategy.

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