Compensation benchmarking

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It can sometimes be difficult for an organisation to figure out what to pay their employees, especially when mixing in alternative forms of compensation such as retirement benefits, health insurance, expense accounts, and company vehicles.

Our compensation benchmarking services will analyse your market and create a report based on the characteristics of your company and the positions offered.

How compensation benchmarking can help you

  • It’ll help you compare your current remuneration scheme to that of your main competitors and identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • It’ll provide your company with valuable information on how to attract talented employees or retain key personnel critical to your operations.
  • It’ll ensure transparency and internal justice through the whole remuneration system.

The benefits

  • Complete confidence that you are offering competitive wages within your industry.
  • It’ll eliminate ‘overpayment’ of employees to improve efficiency.
  • An increased motivation within your workforce and a decrease in uncertainty when creating new positions.
  • It’ll save you valuable resource by streamlining the hiring process.

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