International expansion cannot be improvised; only companies that approach the internationalisation carefully and on the basis of an accurate strategy, have the opportunity to grow and prosper. We can help you in your approach to international markets in the various aspects of this discipline

Our Export Office in Outsourcing service is the right solution to get results without weighting down your organisation. Because we know that to hire an employee for your internal export office could be expensive and ineffective. It’s easy and affordable to have a qualified export department to support your international growth.

Increasing your export turnover is for your company a strategic task that requires time and expertise. We can help you to find new distributors, wholesalers and retailers with our turnkey service ‘Foreign Business Partner Research,’ covered by our ‘100% satisfied guarantee’

To find reliable sellers abroad is not an easy task. To improvise means wasting time and money. Our six-step ‘Foreign Seller Research’ service is the best way to find high-performing sellers, perfectly fitting your needs. Trust us: the service is covered by our ‘100% satisfied’ guarantee

By our ‘Export Market Research’, our analysts can provide your business with the advantage over the competition. Its results are useful for using as part of your strategic marketing and operational decisions and practices

A bespoke market research document which provides you with an initial ‘snapshot’ of market research information, allowing you to decide whether a country market warrants further investigation. An effective way to start exploring new opportunities

We handle every aspect of company formation in several countries across the world. We offer a wide range of turnkey solutions, or we can pack an ad hoc proposal, tailored to your specific needs. Property investment, trading, patent, royalty and copyright holding? We’ve the solution

We offer a list of secretarial services, available for UK-based companies. Every business is different and will need different solutions to help it grow. Instead of bundling all our services into one package we offer stand-alone products and services so that you can select exactly what you really need for your company.

We offer you a brand new business multi-currency bank account opening service. The current account can be opened without visiting the bank, usually in no more than 2 weeks. Affordable and reliable. And of course 100% secure and legal

We can provide you with a company database of importers, wholesalers, agents, distributors operating in over 40 countries around the world, based on your requests. This is a fundamental tool for direct marketing, telemarketing and business intelligence operations

Our ‘Social Media Marketing for Export’ service allows you to gain a professional presence on your target market’s social networks. Because your local social media strategy could not work abroad. Ask us why!

Get fast, easy access to the critical information you need to effectively analyse the risk of your customers, vendors and partners. We are able to provide accurate business information to evaluate the actual degree of risk of over 230 million companies worldwide.

We can assist you with debt collection actions in the country of the debtor, with different procedures and an increasing intensity. Through our business partners, we operate in the extrajudicial stage, in the pre-legal phase and, finally, at the litigation stage

Thanks to the Estonian e-Residency, non-Estonian citizens can obtain a digital identity. e-Residency is an innovative tool to foster entrepreneurship in the Baltic republic. That way, it makes the life easier for foreigners.

Organisational design, Organisation simplification, Company culture: Company reorganisation improves your company’s performance and reduce costs. Through observation and analysis, we can suggest you the most effective strategies to reorganise your production and work activities

Our high touch Investor Relations support delivers turn-key IR programs including IR plan development and implementation, quarterly earnings support, visibility and marketing campaigns, transaction communications and capital markets insights and analysis. We will craft your story through transparent and strategic communications.

Commercial Due Diligences, Management Buy-Outs, Stakeholder Analyses, Business Valuations: our Transaction services identify key business issues through a rigorous and tailored risk and business analysis process. Our team will then work with you to resolve these issues with a tailor-made reporting method

To help your sales development we plan your new approach and ensure you have the right people in place to implement it successfully—this can give you a competitive edge and help you secure sustainable business growth. We can help you re-energise your sales strategy

We offer you the most advanced H.R. Management tools to evaluate and measure your Human Resources. We use an adaptable and flexible technology to increase performance, improve teamwork, promote the development of talents and manage interpersonal relationships

Use the provisions of accounting information in order to have the right data to decide matters within your organisation. By providing regular, timely and relevant financial and statistical information, you can guide your company in an ever more aware and effective way

Our Compensation Benchmarking services will analyze your market and create a compensation benchmark for you given the characteristics of your company and the positions offered.

Our free EBA’s Mentoring Programme (EMP) supports new and existing business by matching a trained business mentor with those businesses seeking guidance

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